Unique Hourly Pricing

Your investment in Professional Photography made easy! Simply tell us how many hours you need a photographer for and multiply $125 by that number. That is your cost for photo coverage of your event. Sales tax must be added! (For only 1 hour it's $150 + tax.)


Photo Services Include

All of your images hosted on this website for 90 days. They are password protected and available for you to download to use anyway you would like.

You can order prints and gift items directly thru our website.  (Optional)


USB Jump Drive (Optional)

You can order your image files to be put on a USB Jump Drive for only $35.


Albums & Books (Optional)

Order a Deluxe Coffee Table Book for only $175. (Press Printed Book with 50 Images)


Order a Deluxe Bridal Album for only $400.                                                               (Actual photos mounted on thick pages and bound into a library type book holding 50 Images)

See the beautiful images we created for you and then select the 50 images to be in your book or album. 



FUN PHOTO BOOTH SERVICE                                                          Available alone or in combination with our photography services!

Our Texting or Emailing Open Photo Booth        $300.(No prints made)

Our Printing Open Photo Booth          $450 (2x6 prints made with 3 poses)

All booth services are for 3 hours of service time!

Photo Booth Props are available for $40 (Optional)